Castelli Romani


    A day in the Castelli Romani, an opportunity to see and be captivated by medieval villages, natural landscapes and excellent gastronomic traditions.

    The Castelli Romani tour will offer you a good opportunity to spend a pleasant day walking in small medieval villages, surrounded by nature. The tour begins with the departure from Rome towards Terme di Caracalla to reach the via Appia Antica where the fascinating chapel of the "Domine quo vadis?" Is located. We will then head towards the Via dei Laghi, the road winds along a path that skirts various hilly areas of volcanic origin characteristic of Rome's COLLI ALBANI. In the beginning villages now towns. Castel Gandolfo is certainly the best known as the Pope's summer residence and with its beautiful volcanic lake. Rocca di Papa and Grottaferrata important cultural and gastronomic destinations. Frascati is a renowned tourist destination with an important production of wines that are also highly appreciated and renowned. In the characteristic fraschette or taverns there is a stop to taste typical local products and a good glass of wine. We will spend some time relaxing in the slower pace than in Rome.

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