Papal Audience

    The Papal Audience takes place every Wednesday in St. Peter's Square or in the Paul VI Audience Hall which begins around 10.30 and lasts about 4 hours.



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    Your experience includes a short panoramic tour of the city, Via Nazionale, Piazza Venezia, Corso Vittorio, Corso Rinascimento and the Lungotevere, ending in Piazza dei Tribunali (about 1 km from St. Peter's Basilica). We will walk to the Basilica through Castel Sant’Angelo and Via della Conciliazione. Arrived in the splendid Piazza, we will enter with our reserved tickets and pass a security check with metal detectors. The guide will co-ordinate you at a point where you can enjoy an excellent view of the ceremony. The audience consists of short readings in Italian and other languages ​​depending on the visiting groups. The Pope greets pilgrims in every language and the ceremony ends with a prayer of the Pope together with the faithful reciting the Our Father in Latin (prayer printed on the back of the tickets). At the end the faithful receive the Pope's Apostolic Blessing, which extends both to the crowd that attends and to people from all over the world. The Pope also blesses the religious articles that the faithful carry for the occasion (such as rosaries).