Terms and conditions

By accessing the site or using our services, we collect information from and about users in order to provide a more personalized and relevant experience. Most of the information is collected when registering the tente account. Other information is acquired automatically by browsing the portal. The information collected could include:

  • Contact information, including name, telephone number, postal and e-mail address
  • Billing or payment information (such as credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, verification code, and billing address)
  • Username and password (the latter stored in encrypted form not visible to the site manager)
  • Photos, reviews, posts on social networks and videos possibly provided to the Company
  • Information relating to geolocation
  • Information relating to the device, such as access to the Services offered and information relating to the Device used (for example, IP address, software or Internet browser used, preferred languages, UDI, or unique identification code of the device, and advertising ID)
  • Online activity, including the pages visited, the contents consulted and the applications used
  • Booking history
  • Information on travel plans and personal preferences


Cookies are small files that are automatically stored on the user's device each time they visit a website. They are stored by the Internet browser and contain basic information on Internet use. The browser sends these cookies every time you visit a website so that the site can recognize the device and improve the user experience, also providing personalized content, among other things. The platform also uses cookies to remember access data, so that you do not need to re-enter them every time you use the Services offered. The other cookies, on the other hand, allow us to understand user preferences.

The cookies collected are of three types.

  • Essential: necessary because they allow you to access the website, visit it and use all its functions. Without these cookies the website would not function properly and it would not be possible to use some important functions. For example, the platform uses a cookie that allows you to keep the login session active so that you don't have to log in repeatedly for each page you visit. In addition, essential cookies are used for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraudulent activity. It is not possible to disable essential cookies through the Cookie Consent Tool as these cookies are necessary to access the website and use its features.
  • Analysis and customization: These cookies allow us to understand how users use the site and identify ways to improve the experience offered. These cookies provide us with information allowing us to understand which sections of the website interest users most and if errors occur during navigation. Cookies are also used to verify different website designs and functions, forwards to monitor the origin of visitors. The website also uses cookies for the purpose of storing user settings and preferences on the site, such as language preferences and information previously entered during travel experience searches. Some personalization cookies are essential for the use of certain website features.
  • Advertising: Cookies of this type help us to select the most relevant ads for users. For example, some cookies are used to select interest-based ads. Other cookies, on the other hand, allow you to avoid the same advertisement being shown repeatedly. Furthermore, thanks to cookies it is possible to share the contents of the website with friends on favorite social networks in an easier way. For example, social media sites can set cookies that recognize users when they view content on the website and allow you to share content through the use of sharing settings. For more information, see the conditions of use and policies of use of the social media site. The site uses third party advertisements to propose travel content of possible interest to users and may set cookies on the services offered to show advertisements that correspond to their interests and preferences. We use third-party cookies to collect information about users' browsing behavior and interaction with advertisements or with the Services in general.

By browsing the site you accept the use of Cookies, terms and conditions of use described here.