C.I.S Integrated Weekly Card

    Rome Weekly Card Ticket valid for 7 days from the date of the first stamping, and for an unlimited number of trips in the territory of Rome.

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    C.I.S Integrated Weekly Card

    Public Transport. It is a weekly card for traveling to Rome on the Metrebus and Cotral public transport lines (in the urban route), excluding special connections. The card is valid 7 days from the first stamping, or until 24.00 on the seventh day including the validation. You can use the CIS for an unlimited number of trips on the public transport network in the Municipality of Rome.

    Remember to collect the ticket in our point of sale: BOX OFFICE: Piazza dei Cinquecento 51


    Within the territory of Rome Capital:

    • on buses, trams and trolleybuses;
    • on Cotral bus (urban route);
    • on subway lines;
    • on regional railways: Trenitalia (2nd class - urban route),
    • Rome-Lido, Termini-Centocelle and Rome-Viterbo (urban route);
    • on bus lines 520 and 720 which connect Rome to Ciampino airport.

    Not valid for:

    • special connection Cotral Roma Tiburtina/Termini-Fiumicino Airport;
    • special Trenitalia connection "No stop" Rome Termini-Fiumicino Airport.


    Piazza dei Cinquecento 51

    Remember to collect the ticket in our point of sale

    • BOX OFFICE: Piazza dei Cinquecento 51 Rome
    • To be valid, the travel document must always be validated at the start of the first journey and when transferring to the underground.
    • The ticket validators are installed on: buses, trams, trolleybuses, trains of the Termini-Centocelle and Rome-Viterbo regional railways, in the stations at the access turnstiles to the underground, in the stations of the Rome-Lido and Trenitalia regional railways.
    • The travel document must be kept for the entire duration of the journey and shown at the request of the control staff, possibly accompanied by an identity document.
    • The traveler found without entitlement or in possession of an irregular entitlement will incur an administrative fine ranging from 100 to 500 euros, in addition to the payment of the ticket price and procedural and postal costs, if applicable. The fine is reduced to 50 euros if paid within five days of the dispute or notification.

    • You can contact the ticket office or the conductor when boarding the Trenitalia vehicles;
    • On the means of public transport in Rome (bus, tram and underground), Cotral lines and regional railways, the ticket must instead be filled in by manually entering the date, time, station or vehicle number;
    • despite being in possession of the ticket, he did not validate it as expected;
    • presents the ticket or pass with visible signs of alteration and forgery;
    • use the ticket or pass beyond its validity period;
    • use an ordinary ticket or season ticket on special connections which instead require a specific travel document;
    • use a ticket or pass with a fare (or route) lower than the expected one;
    • presents a personalized pass that is not filled in correctly or is not accompanied by an identification document.

    Valid 7 days from the first stamping