C.I.S Integrated Weekly Card


    C.I.S Integrated Weekly Card valid for 7 days from the date of the first stamping, and for an unlimited number of trips in the territory of Rome.

    It is a weekly card for traveling to Rome on the Metrebus and Cotral public transport lines (in the urban route), excluding special connections. The card is valid 7 days from the first stamping, or until 24.00 on the seventh day including the validation. You can use the CIS for an unlimited number of trips on the public transport network in the Municipality of Rome.

    Special links are excluded:

    • Cotral Rome Tiburtina / Termini-Fiumicino Airport;
    • Trenitalia "No stop" Rome Termini-Fiumicino Airport.

    Where to use it: on buses, trams, trolleybuses and on the Rome underground lines; on the Cotral buses (urban route); on the regional railways: Trenitalia only 2nd class, Rome-Lido, Rome-Giardinetti and Rome-Viterbo (urban route).

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