Roma Pass 48 Hours


    Roma Pass 48 Hours the cultural-tourist card that offers economic benefits and services to tourists to enjoy the beauties of Rome within 48 hours.

    Roma Pass 48 Hours, promoted by Roma Capitale and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, in collaboration with ATAC, is the capital's tourist-cultural card that offers economic benefits and services to tourists to enjoy the beauties of Rome within the span of 48 hours.

    • Free admission to the first museum or archaeological site of your choice. Free admission includes a possible exhibit at the museum.
    • Reduced admission to all subsequent museums and / or archaeological sites within 48 hours of validity. The reduction includes the eventual exhibition in the museum.
    • Valid for 48 hours from the first activation for access to museums, archaeological sites and local public transport.
    • Unlimited free access for 48 hours to all means of transport included in the offer. Valid on all means of local public transport managed by Atac (buses, trams, A, B, B1 and C of the underground and Rome-Lido railways, Rome Flaminio Piazza del Popolo-Viterbo (up to Sacrofano) and Rome-Giardinetti) within the territory of Roma Capitale, in addition to the ATAC 720 bus line to and from Ciampino Airport with arrival / departure from the square of the Laurentina station Metro B (lane VI °) and line 520 to and from the Airport of Ciampino with arrival / departure from the Metro stations A Subaugusta (Terminus - square in front of the stop) and Cinecittà. It must be completed in its entirety and cannot be transferred. The card must be shown at the request of the control personnel, together with a valid identity document. Special ATL tpl connections, the Trenitalia FL regional railways (ex FR), the special Cotral Rome Tiburtina / Termini-Fiumicino Airport connection, the Trenitalia "No stop" Rome Termini-Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo Express) connection and all connections are excluded. from and to Fiumicino.
    • Discounts for exhibitions, events and agreed services At Castel Sant’Angelo and Capitoline Museums, Roma Pass 48 Hours owners have direct access to the security check point, without going to the ticket office. Visitors are warned that in this period, for reasons of public order, the checks have been intensified and therefore files may be filed for the performance of public safety activities.

    How to use:

    • it is completed on the back with name, surname and date of activation;
    • it is valid 48 hours from the activation date for access to museums / sites and / or from the first use on public transport;
    • it is activated upon access to the first site / museum, or on the first trip on a public transport vehicle;
    • the entrance to the first site is accessed directly, while from the 2nd site onwards it is presented at the ticket office to take advantage of the reduction;
    • performs upon request of the control staff, together with a valid identity document;
    • the card is contactless and therefore no physical insertion is required in the reader but the approach is sufficient.

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