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Vatican Museum Morning Guided Tour

This morning tour of about four hours allows you to have privileged access to cross the majestic rooms of the Vatican Museums.

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The tour begins by boarding our bus that will take us to Vatican City crossing Piazza della Repubblica where we would see Fontana delle Neiadi continuing towards Piazzale Flaminio with its Egyptian Obelisk.

Once in Vatican City we will descend near the entrance of the museums where with the exclusive Skip-Row access ticket, you will enter ignoring the long waiting lines. With our guide you will visit the Gallery of Tapestries divided into two sets of tapestries.

Stories of the Gospel (16th century), on the left side of the gallery proceeding towards the Sistine Chapel, among which stand out: Adoration of the Shepherds, Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, Massacre of the Innocents, Supper in Emmaus, Apparition of Jesus to Mary Magdalene, Resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the right side with Stories of the life of Pope Urban VIII (SEVENTEENth century), executed by the Barberini manufacture of Rome, which was founded in 1627 by Cardinal Francesco Barberini, nephew of the Pontiff, and was closed in 1683, immediately after the death of the prelate (1679).

You will continue to Galleria delle Carte Geografiche is an exceptional cartographic representation of the regions of Italy, made between 1580 and 1585, on whose walls are depicted forty maps of the various regions of Italy, each with maps of the main cities. You will be amazed once you arrive at the Sistine Chapel is the main chapel of the Apostolic Palace, as well as one of the most famous cultural and artistic treasures of Vatican City. Ceiling of the Sistine painted by Michelangelo was started in the magio 1508 and finished on the day of the Dead of the year 1512. At the end the Tour will end by visiting St. Peter's Basilica.

This morning tour of about four hours allows you to have privileged access to cross the majestic rooms of the Vatican Museums, where you can admire the huge collection of works of art accumulated by the Popes over the centuries. With our guide you will visit the Tapestry Gallery, the Gallery of Geographical Maps, and then reach the famous Sistine Chapel. Finally we will admire the grandeur of St. Peter's Square, on which stands the largest temple of Christianity: St. Peter's Basilica.